Health Care

As a social worker, so many of the challenges my clients face are with the healthcare system and access to mental health care. I’m running because healthcare is about more than just going to the doctor.


We need to expand Medicaid coverage to uninsured Arkansans and work to bring down expensive premiums. I will fight to improve the system so high quality health insurance is inclusive, affordable, and accessible, and so that tens of thousands of Arkansans aren’t left uninsured.


We need to invest in mental and behavioral health programs across the state, and fully fund efforts to combat the opioid crisis. We need to meaningfully address the intersection of mental health and criminal justice. There are far too many people struggling with mental health and few to no resources to help them. 


As a member of the NWA Latinx Community Task Force, I had the opportunity to meet with the CDC during their visit. Our organization is focused on bringing Hispanic community leaders together to better coordinate efforts and serve our community during the pandemic and beyond. I’ve also had the opportunity to meet with the NWA Council to learn about the targeted COVID-19 support and give input.


Bentonville is a leader in business, why can’t we be a leader in healthcare too? Unlike my opponent, I understand that when we support the health of everyone in our community, we ALL benefit.  


My Opponent:

  • Voted for the failed Arkansas Works program that wasted $26 million in taxpayer dollars and cost 18,000 Arkansans their health insurance

  • Tried to cut COVID-19 funding in half for our hardest hit communities. 



Even though Bentonville has some of the best schools in the state, our educators are still scrambling to find out how to support and comfort their students during a pandemic while keeping everyone safe.


As a social worker, I understand what a critical role schools play in our community. One in four children in Arkansas is food insecure, and students rely on schools for regular meals. However, if opening schools is going to risk our community’s health, we must look at safer ways to provide these vital services to children as we do our best to control this virus. Our educators, administrators, and parents are working with the resources they have to make the right decisions for our communities and families, but we don’t have the leadership we need at the state level to support them. 


We need well-funded public schools that are able to plan and prepare for a crisis. Teachers and parents should have greater say in how their schools and community resources are funded, so that students of all backgrounds and capabilities can have the opportunity to reach their full potential. I want to empower parents and teachers to be the advocates they need to be for our students.


We need competitive salaries for public school instructional and classified staff. Teachers are invaluable to our education system, and we cannot forget every essential worker that contributes to our education system’s success. 


We need to create pathways for our future workforce and prevent tuition hikes in higher education, so everyone in our community set up for success. We need universal Pre-K and afterschool programs, that support our kids and working families.


Instead of focusing on supporting our students and teachers, my opponent:

  • Pushed a bill through that requires every classroom to display “In God We Trust”

  • Gave our state funds to a private Christian college that isn’t even in our community and has been surrounded by scandal.


Connected Communities 

Bentonville is a leader in the business community, in art, in our trails. We have the opportunity to lead as innovators, through sustainability, public transit, and accessible communities. But right now, our community is booming, and our roads and sidewalks aren’t keeping up with our growth. This doesn’t just impact business, it affects everyday life. 


My grandfather is legally blind and often relies on a wheelchair to get around.  I have witnessed the difficulties and hardships families with disabilities face as a result of issues like too few handicap parking spaces. As someone who commutes to work, I know what it feels like to dodge the potholes on McCollum Road after every rain. We need to be thoughtful in our approach to transportation, use our resources wisely, and work with leaders at all levels of government to make sure our roads are ready for both life and business.


My opponent:

  • Opposes the highway tax, that funds our roads, without giving alternative ideas

  • Didn't support a bill that prohibited cell phone use in school zones

  • Requested $38,987 from taxpayers to pay for expenses in addition to his $41,393 salary. He has requested more than any other lawmaker for several years in a row - he is wasting our money and we have nothing to show for it.


My opponent, who has represented us since 2012, is out of step with the world class city and community we have worked hard to build together. He is an extremist, who opposes LGBTQIA+ and women’s rights. He tried to cut COVID-19 funding for our hardest hit communities in half.


Instead of listening to what our community needs, he broke down the separation of church and state, and directed our state funds to a private Christian college that isn’t even in our community and has been surrounded by scandal. I’m a woman of faith, but our representative's job is to work for everyone in our community, not just those we agree with.


We deserve a new voice that will fight for all of us. It's time for representation that will help bridge the gaps that divide us even in a community as prosperous as Bentonville.


We need:

  • A voice for children and families, to close the loopholes in our laws that prevent survivors of abuse from finding justice

  • Minimum safety standards in rentals, such as required smoke detectors

  • Juvenile and criminal justice reform

  • A fair tax system, instead of tax cuts that only benefit people making over $456,000

  • To pass the Hate Crimes Bill, and make sure every community member is protected under the law

  • Updated religious freedom act that removes discriminatory language and ensures the equal rights of all Arkansans.


My opponent:

  • Voted for tax cuts to people making over $456,000 per year, while providing barely anything for those who earn less

  • Pushed a bill through that requires every classroom to display “In God We Trust”

  • Gave our state funds to his alma mater, a private Christian college that isn’t even in our community and has been surrounded by scandal

  • Voted against a bill to prevent people convicted of domestic abuse from owning firearms

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